A Charleston Love Story: Sarah & Trey’s Intentional Wedding Bliss

February 9, 2024


Hey, I am beyond excited to share the incredible story of Sarah and Trey’s wedding day in Charleston, South Carolina, on December 2, 2023. Trust me when I say this – it’s hands down one of my favorite weddings to date, and you’re about to see why.

From Dream Booking to Dream Wedding

From our very first phone call, it was clear that Sarah and Trey’s wedding was going to be something special. The entire process, from the initial booking, to their engagement session, to the actual day, felt like a dream come true. Sarah, with her gift of making everyone feel seen, known, and loved, set the tone for a day filled with intentionality and genuine connection.

Getting Ready Portraits at the Airbnb

We started the day capturing “getting ready” portraits with Sarah and her amazing bridesmaids at their Airbnb. The air was filled with excitement, and the love and laughter echoed through the rooms. Little did we know, this was just the beginning of the intentional moments that would unfold throughout the day.

The Magnolia Plantation & Gardens Magic

Driving Sarah and her mom to the stunning Magnolia Plantation & Gardens, the venue for both the ceremony and reception, set the stage for the day’s enchanting events. Trey, eager to be the first to see his bride, shared a breathtaking first look on a picturesque bridge. Private vows, exchanged gifts, and the palpable love between them left not a dry eye in sight.

First Look with Father of Bride and Brothers of the Bride

An Intentional First Look with the Bridesmaids

Sarah had a brilliant idea for a first look with her bridesmaids – an unscripted and genuine moment. With a little sneakiness, we created a surprise that had us all in tears. The sheer joy and raw emotions during this moment were something I’ll cherish forever.

Bridal Party & Family Portraits

After capturing the essence of Sarah’s Bridesmaids, Trey’s groomsmen, and the rest of the Bridal Party we got to capture both Sarah and Trey’s families behind the mansion on the Magnolia’s Property!

Ceremony, Passover and Just Married Portraits

After family portraits, we seamlessly transitioned to the ceremony. Under a white tent overlooking a beautiful river, Sarah and Trey exchanged vows, creating a moment that will forever be etched in the hearts of those in attendance. As their first act as a married couple, Sarah and Trey incorporated Passover traditions, accompanied by a favorite song sung by a dear friend. The couple shared a kiss, and we quickly snapped “just married portraits” against the backdrop of a setting sun before they officially signed their marriage certificate.

Intimate Dinner and Sweet Letters

Amidst a private dinner for the newlyweds and a cocktail hour for the guests, Sarah and Trey showcased their thoughtfulness by having personalized letters on each place card. It was a heartwarming gesture that underscored their intentional approach to their relationship and marriage.

Cake, Ice Cream, and Dancing Under the Stars

The celebration continued with a cake cutting and an ice cream bar featuring the couple’s favorite flavors. The night unfolded with laughter, dancing, and a live band that kept the energy high. Sparklers lit up the night sky as we bid farewell to the newlyweds, marking the end of a truly magical day.

Sarah and Trey’s wedding was a tapestry of intentional moments, genuine connections, and boundless love. To be part of their journey, capture their joy, and memorialize the first day of their marriage was an absolute joy. Cheers to Sarah and Trey – friends, kindred spirits, and the epitome of what love should be. May your journey together be as beautiful as the day you said, “I do.”

Wedding Planner & Catering: Duvall Catering & Events
Photographer: Katherine Horton Photography
Band: Emerald Empire Band
Venue: Magnolia Plantation Weddings

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