Fairhope Bliss: Capturing Haley and Mason’s Surprise Engagement

February 8, 2024


I’ve got a heartwarming tale to share about a surprise engagement that unfolded in the charming town of Fairhope, Alabama. Join me as I recount the magical Saturday morning when Haley and Mason took the next step in their journey of love.

A Secret Rendezvous in Fairhope

Picture this: Friday evening in Fairhope, Alabama, with my husband Luke, our sweet Bernese Mountain dog Boone, and a mission to keep a secret. Haley (Mason’s soon to be fiancé) had no idea we were in town, ready to witness a moment that would change their lives forever.

Undercover in Downtown Fairhope

Saturday morning came quickly and Luke and I strolled through downtown Fairhope, keeping in touch with Mason to ensure our cover wasn’t blown. The anticipation was building, knowing we were about to witness a proposal that would etch itself into our memories.

The Chosen Spot at the Pier

We headed to a Pier in Fairhope, a spot Mason had carefully chosen for the proposal. This exact spot was very special to the couple. As the excitement grew, I found a discreet spot to hide – a ditch, of all places – eagerly waiting for the signal from Luke that Haley and Mason were approaching.

The Perfect Moment Unfolds

When the green light came, I emerged from my hiding spot, camera in hand, ready to capture the magic. As Haley and Mason strolled along the pier, I discreetly snapped pictures, waiting for the moment Mason would drop to one knee. And there it was – the most important question of Mason’s life, met with an unexpected twist. Haley, not wanting Mason to be alone, dropped to her knees, too, saying “yes” all the way down.

Taking Time to Soak it In

After the initial shock and joy, Haley and Mason took about 30 minutes to bask in the moment, holding onto each other before flagging me down to continue with the shoot. It was a beautiful sight, two people deeply in love, relishing the beginning of their forever.

Life-Giving Moments with Lifelong Friends

Being part of Haley and Mason’s engagement was not just a job for me; it was a privilege. Luke and I are incredibly grateful to have such life-giving friends, and we can’t wait to continue doing life alongside them. Witnessing these intimate moments is what makes my job as a photographer so incredibly rewarding.

Fairhope, with its picturesque charm, became the backdrop for Haley and Mason’s surprise engagement. It was a morning filled with secrecy, anticipation, and ultimately, the overwhelming joy of two friends starting a new chapter in their lives. I’m honored to have been a part of this special moment, and I can’t wait to see where the Lord takes Haley and Mason. Here’s to love, surprises, and lifelong friendships!

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