Lakeside Love: Sarah and Trey’s Whimsical Engagement Session

September 20, 2023



At Katherine Horton Photography, we have the privilege of capturing love stories that are as unique as the couples themselves. Sarah and Trey’s engagement session was absolutely stunning. With Trey being a professional soccer player for Charleston Battery, their lives are always on the move. However, we were fortunate to have them in Birmingham for a game, allowing us to create some truly magical moments during their lakeside engagement session. These two are undoubtedly made for each other, and their love story is one that will leave you feeling inspired.

Exploring Quaint Charm

Our session began in the picturesque town of Mt. Laurel, a place brimming with charm and character. As Sarah and Trey strolled through the quaint streets, their love and connection shone brightly, making each photograph a work of art. The town’s cozy atmosphere served as the perfect backdrop for capturing their genuine affection for one another.

A Dreamy Lakeside Escape

From the streets of Mt. Laurel, we ventured to the serene lakeside, where the real magic unfolded. Sarah and Trey’s willingness to embrace the moment and each other made photographing them an absolute dream. But what truly set this session apart was their eagerness to embark on a romantic canoe ride, reminiscent of scenes from “The Notebook.” Their willingness to go the extra mile to create magical moments left us in awe.

Capturing Love in Every Frame

From stolen glances to heartfelt smiles, every photograph tells the story of Sarah and Trey’s love. Their chemistry was undeniable, and their love radiated through the lens. We had the pleasure of capturing their laughter, their love, and the sparks that fly when two people are meant to be together.

Looking Forward to Charleston

As we celebrated their lakeside engagement, we couldn’t help but feel excited for what lies ahead. Sarah and Trey’s journey is set to continue with their wedding in Charleston, just a few short months away. On December 2nd, we’ll be ready to capture the next chapter of their love story, surrounded by the beauty and charm of Charleston, SC.

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