A Day of Surprises: Joey and Laura’s Unforgettable Proposal

February 8, 2024


Hey there, it’s Katherine, and I’m thrilled to share one of the most heartwarming stories I’ve had the privilege of capturing through my lens. On Friday, December 15, 2023, I got to be a part of Joey and Laura’s surprise-filled day that ended with a beautiful engagement at Birmingham Botanical Gardens and a party to celebrate.

A Day Off and Unexpected Surprises

Joey and Laura decided to take the day off work for some quality time together before the holiday chaos set in. Little did they know, they were both plotting surprises for each other. Laura had a birthday bash planned for Joey, and Joey had a grander plan in mind – a proposal. It was a day filled with secrets, laughter, and a lot of love.

The Perfect Proposal at Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Joey, with the help of yours truly, had chosen the idyllic Birmingham Botanical Gardens as the stage for his proposal. On that sunny afternoon, he took Laura to a spot we had carefully selected, got down on one knee, and asked the question that would change their lives forever. Laura’s speedy “yes” was met with cheers from all of us capturing the moment – Rome filming on his phone, and me snapping away with my camera.

Capturing the Magic

The next half hour was dedicated to freezing those precious moments in photographs. Laura and Joey, lost in the glow of their newly-engaged bliss, posed for pictures that would tell the story of their love for years to come. The joy and excitement were palpable, and I felt honored to be there to document it all.

Double Surprises Unveiled

Before we all left the Gardens, Joey and Laura spilled the beans about their surprises to each other. What started as a birthday celebration for Joey transformed into an impromptu engagement party for Laura. The magic continued as about 30 of their closest friends gathered in our backyard, turning the evening into a sweet celebration of love.

Backyard Extravaganza

My husband and I joined forces, turning our backyard into an intimate dinner celebration. My husband spent days creating three long tables for the celebration, while family and friends pitched in with decorations and delicious treats. The backyard transformed into an intimate setting, filled with laughter, clinking glasses, and the warm glow of fairy lights – a perfect backdrop for the announcement of a lifetime commitment.

Looking Ahead to May 4th

As I reflect on this incredible day, I can’t help but feel a sense of anticipation. On May 4th of this year, I’ll have the honor of standing beside Joey and Laura as they embark on the next chapter of their journey together. It’s moments like these that remind me why I love what I do – capturing the joy, surprises, and love that make life so beautifully unpredictable.

Joey and Laura’s engagement day was a whirlwind of surprises, love, and unexpected celebrations. From a carefully planned proposal to an impromptu engagement party, every moment was a testament to the genuine connection between this incredible couple. I can’t wait to stand next to them on their wedding day and continue to grow alongside Joey and Laura’s beautiful story. Stay tuned for more magic!

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