Emmie and Harrison: A Joyful Engagement Session in Birmingham’s Best Engagement Spots

February 7, 2024


Hey everyone! This winter I had a blast capturing Emmie and Harrison’s engagement session, and I can’t wait to spill the details. We kicked things off at Railroad Park, strolled over to the Pedestrian Bridge for some laid back portraits, and wrapped up at Birmingham Botanical Gardens with a snazzy outfit change. The whole time, these two were just laughing and loving on each other, making my job a breeze.

Railroad Park Vibes

We started the day right in the heart of Birmingham at Railroad Park. Emmie and Harrison, clearly head over heels for each other, made the urban backdrop look like something out of a rom-com. It was a sweet start to our shoot, and the park’s energy set the tone for the day.

Pedestrian Bridge Coolness

For our next stop we made our way to the Pedestrian Bridge. I love coming to this location because you not only get the city scape of Birmingham but you have the whole road to yourself. Running around the street and learning more about Emmie and Harrison’s love story was nothing but pure joy.

Botanical Gardens Beauty

We wrapped things up at Birmingham Botanical Gardens, switching up the outfits. The greenery and vibrant colors became the backdrop for some seriously swoon-worthy shots. The gardens really brought out the romantic side of Emmie and Harrison, and it was a perfect ending to our day. Also, can you believe how gorgeous these fall colors are in the middle of December?

Laughter and Love Moments

What I loved most about these two is how real and down-to-earth they are. The whole session was just filled with laughter and genuine moments of love. No awkward poses, just them being themselves, which makes for the best photos, in my opinion.

Pro Tip

Before you head into your own engagement session, here’s a tip: make it a celebration! Have fun, enjoy each other’s company, and, most importantly, plan something special afterward. Emmie and Harrison nailed it with a relaxed session and a date to follow – the perfect way to keep the romance alive.

Countdown to Douglass Manor

I can’t help but get excited for Emmie and Harrison’s big day on March 22, 2024, at Douglass Manor. If the engagement session was any indication, their wedding is going to be a blast to capture. I’m ready to freeze those beautiful moments in time and turn them into memories that’ll last a lifetime. As we countdown to their wedding day, I’m just grateful to be part of this journey and can’t wait to capture more of their love story. Stay tuned!

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