Beautiful Wedding at the Country Club of Birmingham

July 22, 2022


A Match Made In Heaven- Elizabeth & Harris

What a day of LOVE! As I spoke to Elizabeth after her first look with Harris she mentioned that several friends had been praying over her and her future spouse. She said, “I had one friend who prayed very specifically that whoever I married would cherish me.” Cherish her Harris does! This sweet groom was captivated by his bride’s beauty, enamored with her smile, and his
adoring eyes never left her gorgeous face. I had to remind Harris multiple times to smile at the camera, and his response was always, “AH man, but I want to look at HER,” followed by looking at his bride and mouthing the words, “I love you.” Her response was always, “I love you, too.” If you know Harris’ and Elizabeth’s stories, you know that they are full of brokenness, pain, and loss, as well as beauty and love. What a display of God’s goodness, his restoration and hope, his redemption and healing! 

This wedding day wasn’t just the joining of two beautiful souls, it was also the joining of two beautiful families. Harris and Elizabeth were surrounded by their children and their spouses, and by their grandchildren, all of whom were as elated as Harris and Elizabeth for the marriage. It was actually Harris’ sister Corinna and her friend Sally May who orchestrated the match, and both of them were given honorable mention in the ceremony. This day was a testament to God’s faithfulness and undeserved kindness in the midst of such dark times. To HIM be the glory!

Harris and Elizabeth, what an honor! Thank you for giving me the privilege of capturing your wedding day. Thank you for showing me the love of the Father through your actions. Each of you has left your own legacy, and I’m so excited to see how that legacy grows now that you are together. To say your road to each other was “hard” is an understatement, and to pretend that it won’t continue to be hard would be naive. But my prayer as you navigate this glorious adventure together is that you would be reminded of His faithfulness and love to you. You are HIS and He is yours! Big hugs to you both and your families!

  1. Savannah says:

    What a beautiful story! I wish them all the JOY in the world!

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